Welcome to
  Bashkaran Academy of Hotel and Hospitality Management
(National and International )


Bashkaran  Academy of Hotel and Hospitality Management (National & International) is grooming the professionals of tomorrow in the Hotel Industry.

Bashkaran Academy of Hotel  and Hospitality Management (National & International ) is one of the leading  Hospitality Institute in the country offering the top class education in Hotel and Hospitality Management with a global vision.  It has global collaboration with the renowned IPD-Open University Malaysia.

Life can be really tough for a young person seeking a career in the hospitality  and Hotel industry.  He/she must be ready to invest in his/her career grown by learning all disciplines of Hospitality: Front office, House keeping, Food & Beverage service and Food production.  One has to be comfortable with unearthly working hours and doing menial work at times can be a dampener simultaneously it can be a wonderful opportunity to make a mark  if one decides.

Prior to taking up a career in the hotel industry, it would be advisable for aspiring students to spend quality time with exiting hoteliers to get an in depth understanding of the nuances of the industry at large.

We aim to provide young aspirants wishing to make a career in hospitality the opportunity to train at some of the best hotels in the world under the guidance of professional hoteliers.  Both domestic and international hotel companies are flooding the market with new inventory, thereby creating an unprecedented demand for talent.  The hotel management institutes have also becomes a “happy hunting ground” for talents by non-hotel companies too.

Bashkaran Academy of Hotel and Hospitality Management (National & International ) is located at the heart of city Indiranagar –in one of modern custom built campus ,with modern facilities with teaching and learning support. The city is flooded with Luxury hotels and there is a big gap between supply of trained hospitality manpower and demand.